Factory and Structure planning

Do you want to make your factory fit for the future and achieve high transparency in the process? Has your material flow become non-transparent and increasingly complex over the years? Are your production processes defined by long channels? Do you want to expand your factory and restructure the plant? Are you intending to build a new factory and require excellent method knowledge and many years of planning experience?

Whether green field or brown field, we deal with the holistic, infrastructural planning of your plant and hall structures, even if you are limited in terms of space.
We first gain an impression of your actual situation using a material flow analysis and define the planning premises. In addition to the architectural planning and construction of buildings, routes and other infrastructure, we deal with the structuring and dimensioning of machines, systems and production logistics as well as determining surface, personnel and energy requirements.
Of course, we also gladly determine the corresponding production control strategy as well as optimal supply concepts for you.

New planning

Does that sound familiar?

Then use our strategies and solutions from this project to overtake the competition. With our many years of expertise, we can adapt this successful concept to your individual requirements in a targeted manner.

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