Logistics Planning.

Core Expertise in Detail

Supply Planning

To us, good, forward-looking supply planning means assuming responsibility for your total optimum across the entire value stream – from the supplier to production to the place of use.
To this end, we determine the optimal supply strategies for you and your requirements: just-in-sequence, just-in-time, standard storage processes and much more.
We are also happy to assume the coordination with all the relevant process partners and carry out corresponding coordination and implementation meetings, as well as their documentation.
The complete package also includes development and security through suitable emergency strategies, as well as determination of the turnaround time and calculation of the required carrier quantities, if needed.

Material flow planning

The performance of value stream analyses is one of the fundamental tools for carrying out the planning, optimisation and design of internal material and goods flows.
Here, our focus is on achieving the following objectives:

  • Minimising the merchandise and material stock to what is actually needed
  • Reducing space requirements
  • Shortening execution times
  • Reducing logistics costs
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Raising process stability

In the process, we always emphasise the “lean concept”.

Supply Concepts

We ensure the optimal coordination between production and logistics in your company and develop various supply concepts for you, taking the corresponding business case consideration into account.
Here, the focus is on planning internal sequencing and / or apportioning for the need-based, secure supply for production / assembly, especially in the case of high variant diversity.
We develop the best solution for you at the assembly / production site, taking quality and ergonomics requirements into account.


We support you in your warehousing.
For the storage of your raw materials or finished parts, we take into account the correct preservation as well as the qualitative requirements, with the aim of the optimal planning and management of your stocks.
This also includes the implementation of the suitable warehousing strategy for you, such as first in – first out, last in – first out, first expired – first out and many more.
The aim is the conscious stocking of goods or the development of a buffer to cushion requirements. The setup of controlling through the implementation of suitable key warehousing indicators completes our service.

Scheduling and shipping

We support you in transport and tour planning to supply your customers, taking into account all the necessary requirements such as quality and delivery times.
Here we assume both new planning and the optimisation of existing processes. Both with the aim of saving internal resources and above all transport costs for your company.
We help you to select the suitable shipping processes for your products and, at the same time, offer you packaging solutions adapted to the means of transport for rail, sea, air or lorry transport.


Environmental protection is at the heart of the economical thinking and actions of every company. In relation to disposal logistics, a company constantly has to deal with the residues from the production and work processes. We are happy to support you here.
Ecologically high-quality disposal secures raw materials and is the best investment in our common future.
Whether in the waste industry, recycling or daily disposal, with our competent planning and our expertise, we look to reduce and prevent waste in production and manufacture and also have high cost savings as a positive side effect.