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“My husband is now working from home and I must say…

  1. he is always very motivated at work
  2. he is always very friendly to his customers and colleagues and he is always in a good mood

…good to know! important information that can also come in useful in a private context…” 🙂

My name is Alexander Schätz (29), and this could be my wife saying this.
I am currently working as a logistics planner at the company, particularly in the area of container planning.
The current situation is challenging for us all.
A very particular challenge is working from home.

To avoid disasters when working from home, I now present my personal DOS and DON`TS:


  1. Professional working environment: Whether you are using a desk or a kitchen table, create a comfortable, productive working environment for yourself. A permanent workstation is essential.
  2. Ergonomics: The home workstation should be set up with ergonomic aspects taken into account. Back pain should not be the daily signal that it is time to finish working.
  3. Clothes make people – even when you are working from home: When working from home, it would be only too appealing to position yourself in front of the computer in jogging bottoms and shower sandals. Here it is important to maintain the morning routine and to appear at the workstation with a tidy and well kempt appearance, even if the workstation is just a few metres away from your bed. The feeling is simply different and if you feel good, you work better.
  4. Constant dialogue with supervisors and colleagues: A very important factor/advantage of an office is the exchanging and conveying of knowledge. Here, short channels are the major plus point when it comes to questions, ideas and suggestions in projects. So that this factor is not lost when working from home, constant dialogue with colleagues and supervisors is extremely important.
  5. Clear day and week plan for the whole family: One or two will also find that there is daily family madness when working from home. Here, it is extremely important to set up a day and week plan that clearly regulates the times when you will be working.


  1. Quickly do something else: The absolute killer when working from home. We all know it. Here, it is recommended to leave everything that does not have directly to do with work until the breaks or after work.
  2. Fail to stop for the day: The proximity of the workstation to your private living space represents a tempting danger that can have a sheer alluring effect. Here, it is important not to miss the finish-point of work and to stop once you have achieved your objective for the day.
  3. Irregular working times: Flexibility has become one of the highest demands in the working world. However, flexibility should not become irregularity. A certain rhythm facilitates communication with customers and colleagues above all.
  4. Lapse into untidiness: Anyone who allows the home workstation to become a snack platter in the evening will lose a lot of time the next morning fishing the crumbs out of the keyboard.
  5. Forget to take breaks: Once you have become deeply absorbed in something, you do not let go again so quickly. When you are working from home, breaks can be taken flexibly. The important thing is that they are taken. Breaks can often work wonders.

Alexander Schätz
Logistics and Packaging Planning

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