Case Studies.

Packaging planning with the help of a renowned OEM

In logistics, packaging planning clearly represents a niche area. It deals with the implementation of packaging and auxiliary packing materials with a view to economic efficiency, ergonomics and part quality.

The selection of packaging solutions appropriate to the products and processes influences logistics processes, transport processes, material flow planning, supply planning, space requirements and the empties process.

Thanks to expedient planning and with the involvement of the process partners, logistical challenges in the aforementioned areas have already been met countless times. In a case example involving a renowned OEM, there came to be a major challenge in the area of supply and space requirements in a small-volume production of upper-class vehicles.

Due to the constantly rising number of geometric and colour variants as well as the integration of new model series, the logistically available spaces reached their limit. Thanks to a solution-orientated project, car set containers were integrated which not only solved the problem but also represent an optimisation in several areas in the long term.

Packaging planning constitutes the interface of many processes. With our many years of experience and good connections in the industry, it is possible for us to apply cross-process know-how. Through the global cooperation with renowned OEMs, we have developed and implemented standardised solutions adapted to the existing processes. In the course of this, we have already integrated 1000s of new pieces of loading equipment in packaging planning and thus optimised processes. Thanks to our standardised and customer-orientated planning, costs were significantly and measurably reduced in the areas of packaging, transport, handling and waste disposal.

With our expertise, we are always orientated towards achieving the greatest customer benefit as well as the best customer satisfaction.

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